This free Earn While You Learn program is a personalized support program focusing on your individual needs to help you achieve your goals. We also have male advocates for men.

Education topics may include:

  1. pregnancy information
  2. labor and delivery
  3. prenatal care
  4. breastfeeding
  5. newborn care and nutrition
  6. bonding with your infant
  7. money management

  1. healthy and lasting relationships
  2. resumes and job preparation
  3. dad’s role
  4. group classes
  5. and much more

For your commitment to the RiseUp Program,

You can earn points that can be used for crib, car seat, clothing, diapers, and more.

As an added bonus, for those who commit for the RiseUp, we have a volunteer photographer who will set up appointments for 2 photo sessions, one while still pregnant and 1 after baby is born!

Your appointment will be scheduled for once a week with your advocate. There are many ways to earn your Baby Bucks – call us to make your first appointment and find out how.

Call 231-726-2677