Your decisions today determine your path for the future.

(decisions have consequences  – making your path hard or easy).

Muskegon is the third in the state for STD’s. We are in epidemic proportions and the need for awareness, education, prevention, and risks of unhealthy behaviors is so important to teach the next generation. MPS encourages healthy relationships, and empowers students to be willing to wait because the 100% safe choice is abstinence.

 (What is SRA)?  Sexual Risk Avoidance

SRA is science & evidence based health curriculum also using “Big Data” statistics to prove effectiveness. SRA is an educational approach based on the public health model of primary prevention to empower youth to avoid the risks of sexual activity.  SRA is about creating and establishing boundaries and pursuing healthy relationships.

SRA where abstinence is encouraged to “save sex” and be willing to wait for lifelong, truelove partner in marriage.

SRA Presentation: MPS is offering youth groups and schools a 30-minute sex-education presentation overview that focuses on prevention, avoidance, and healthy relationships, empowering youth to make good decisions about their sexual behavior.  We can also offer this curriculum for several lessons for specific topics as well.

THE DIFFERENCE:  According to a teen survey, statistics show the “safe sex” education now in schools encourages casual sex and sex at an earlier age.  STD’s have also skyrocketed!

 Congress passed:  “Healthy Relationships Act 2017” : in order to present this curriculum to schools with grant possibilities.

Why Pregnancy centers?  Why are pregnancy centers around the country teaching sex education?  We see and hear the consequences of poor and uneducated decision-making!  We know first-hand the crisis at hand and can speak into preventatives. There is no benefit for these organizations to help to reduce the numbers of STD’s and unplanned pregnancies, our heart and concern is to help the next generation make healthy choices and see the cause and effect of their decisions!  All around the nation including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Holland area pregnancy centers have been supporting their area schools by coming alongside their health programs for many years teaching a similar SRA approved curriculum. Contact us to schedule an STD test today.


Overview 30-minute presentation

Health & Wellness – Empower youth to make healthy relationships

Risk behaviors – Sexually active teens

  • Physical effects
  • Emotional effects
  • Hormonal effects
  • Relational effects

Unhealthy relationships

  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual assault

Statistics STD

  • Muskegon 3rd in State for STD epidemic
  • Contraception statistics

Unplanned pregnancies

  • Fetal development
  • Pregnancy options
  • Abortion statistics
  • Economic effects

Why are teens waiting to have sex?

  • CDC report 2016 teens waiting – 36% had sex & 64% have not had sex
  • Not “everyone is doing it!”
  • It OK to say “NO”

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  • Non-medical