Consider and Adoption Plan.

Give the gift of love, the gift of life for another couple.

Open adoption:

If you choose an open adoption plan, you may select and get to know an adoptive couple before placement. You can be assured of the love and protection they will offer your baby. Your child will grow up knowing that you are a part of his or her life because you can have as much contact with your child as you decide to write into your adoption plan.

Semi-open Adoption:

There are also semi-open or confidential adoption plans. No two plans are alike because the people involved – birthparents, children, and adoptive parents – have varying needs and desires.

You may have many questions about adoption. A good place to start is to come in to confirm your pregnancy. At that time, we can provide you with information on all of your options and give you contact information on our local adoption agencies if you are interested in learning more about the adoption option.

Some benefits of choosing adoption include:

You can pursue earlier goals and plans.

You can live independently.

You will not have to parent before you are ready.

You will have the freedom to choose if you want to have a long-term relationship with the baby’s father.

You can feel good about your choice.

You will have plenty of time to plan your future and your baby’s future.

Adoption is a selfless and nurturing way to make sure that your child is given the love and care that you want her/him to receive. Ask yourself…Could adoption be a good option for me and my baby? Getting accurate information about adoption and taking the time to review all of your choices is smart.

Adoption today is largely different from the way it was when your parents or grandparents were young. Your options for making an adoption plan are far greater than those of the past.

MPS is not an adoption agency but we refer to area adoption organizations.

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