Muskegon Pregnancy Services offers After Abortion Care with resources for healing and hope.

You are not alone.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, “at current rates, 43% of all women will experience abortion at least once by the age of 45 years” ( – approximately, I in 3 women have had an abortion). After an abortion, many women (and men) may feel an initial sense of relief, however, whether the abortion was yesterday, or years ago, other feelings might follow that they did not expect, or know how to handle.

Only a select few ever find the courage to discuss this past decision or even look at this loss within the confines of their own hearts, but many come to understand that the decision of abortion had long-term consequences on their lives.

Abortion Survey

Take our quick quiz to see how Abortion is affecting your life today.

Contact us if you identify with any of these Post-Abortion Syndrome Symptoms. (a form of post-traumatic stress disorder):

  1. I cannot tell anyone about my abortion. They wouldn’t understand
  2. The “anniversary” date of abortion or due date is extremely difficult
  3. There are details about the abortion that I cannot remember
  4. I have lost interest in things I used to love since having the abortion
  5. I often feel angry and irritable
  6. I often feel guilt and anxiety
  7. I often feel grief, depressed, or sorrow
  8. I cry a lot or easily
  9. I have difficulty maintain relationships

  1. I used alcohol, drugs or prescriptions medications once per week or more
  2. I find that I am repeating the same mistakes in my life
  3. I avoid people, places, and things that remind me of my abortion
  4. I have an eating disorder
  5. I have no pleasure in sex with my spouse
  6. I struggle in bonding with my children
  7. I cannot sleep, or have nightmares, or flashbacks relating to the abortion
  8. I withdraw from others

After Abortion Care Program.

Muskegon Pregnancy Services offers a confidential, compassionate post-abortion support program. Our free consultation allows you to process your experience with one-on-one support.

If you are struggling with the emotional or spiritual consequences of an abortion in your past, rather than facing these feelings alone, we want to offer time, space, and support in the healing process in an atmosphere free of judgement or shame. We are here to listen and support you as you work through your grief towards healing and hope.


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